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Vietnamese Spring Rolls


With a focus of “lite” and “green” we carry on the series with Qirong’s introduction of the famous Vietnamese Spring Roll.

On her last trip there, she noticed many locals having this for their meals, three times a day! It’s no wonder they’re all so slim~

Moreover, the filling can be adjusted to suit personal preferences, but the type we’re going to demonstrate today, is definitely very healthy and low carbohydrate.Is it this reason Vietnamese ever so dainty in their everyday dealings?

With the blazing sun over their heads, it’s basically a mission to provoke any appetite. But this delicacy is the answer. A refreshingly healthy choice!





1 mango, cut into strips of about 5cm long

Deep fried tofu, 150g, cut into strips of about 5cm long

1/2 carrot, shredded

Rice flour noodles, 2 bundles

Cucumber, cut into strips

Vietnamese Spring Roll pastry, 1 pack

Coriander for additional flavour.

Sauce (for inside the roll):

Peanut butter, 2T

Soy Sauce paste, 2T

Sesame oil, a little


Soya sauce, 2T

Sugar 1-2T

Chilli, chopped (adjust amount)

Water, 1/2C

Freshly squeezed lemon juice, few drops


  1. Boil shredded/ strips of mango, tofu, cucumber, carrot and rice noodles.Prepare a bowl of water in a dish that will be able to fit the pastry flat.
  2. Place the Vietnamese Spring Roll pastry flat inside the bowl, and leave it for 1-2 mins. It is ready when it softens, and appears slightly transparent. You can put many pieces of pastry in one go.
  3. During the waiting time, can prepare the sauce.
  4. Sauce (inside the spring roll): mix the sauce ingredients, mentioned in the ingredients section above together.
  5. Dipping: mix the dipping ingredients mentioned in the above section together. Can adjust the saltiness/sweetness taste to suit preference.
  6. When the pastry has softened, remove it from the bowl and separate the pieces to avoid them sticking together.
  7. Place the pastry flat on a plate or bench, and spread the sauce on the pastry.
  8. Then place the filling: mango -> carrots -> cucumber -> tofu -> rice noodles, finally coriander.
  9. Fold the pastry into a spring roll shape (can refer to our “Spring Rolls” article from before for detailed description of how to fold into spring roll shape.)

Serve with our delicious dipping!


The cool, refreshing filling inside really takes the heat of summer away, temporarily of course, what summer without a bit of sun and hot sand! :D.


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