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Chirashi sushi


With the continuing crisis of global warming, out seasons have also reflected such a change, so how can we adapt to these fluctuating temperatures on the dinner table? Let us introduce a quick and convenient dish- “chirashi sushi” Not only is it incredibly delicious, it’s colourful combination of veges almost heal us of the whole days fatigue.

Ingredients – Serving for 2 people

Cooked Rice 1 1/2 Cup

Lotus root 1Cup

Cucumber 1/3

Carrot 1/2

Green beans, to taste

Dried mushrooms 5 pieces, soak in water

Seaweed, one large piece, cut into strips

White sesame, to taste

Eggs 2 (For Vegans can use tofu skin or tofu to instead )

Salt 1t

Tapioca starch 1t


Soya sauce 2T/Mirin 2T/Sugar 1T/Water 4T/Sushi Sauce 4 T/ Vinegar 2.5T/ Sugar 2T/ Salt 1t

Lets begin

First wash the rice, then cook with rice cooker. Mix sushi sauce ingredients in a small pot until salt and sugar dissolve, but don’t let it boil. Then let the sauce cool.

Cut the cucumber into julienne strips, removing the soft center bit of cucumber.

Shred the carrot and place it in a different bowl.

Soak and put aside the cucumber in sushi sauce, do the same to the carrot.

Boil the sauce (not sushi sauce) in a pan, and then place the mushrooms in the pan.


Remove the mushrooms after 20-30 mins. When cooled, cut into slices.

Now the sauce will also have the smell of mushrooms

To cook the lotus root in the sauce for 20-30 mins.

Note: Mushroom and lotus root stewed in soya sauce can be used in many dishes, so can make more of these and store in refrigerator.

Boil the green beans and cut diagonally, leave to cool.

Mix egg with half teaspoon of salt ,heat oil in pan on low heat, pour the egg mixture in and spread it to make thin sheet of egg,leave to cool, then cut into shredded pieces.


Now spread the rice onto a large flat plate, Mix the sushi sauce with the rice with a spatula (can use a fan to cool the rice down), adjust the taste of the rice by adding more sushi sauce.


the rice should now look shiny and glittery


leave the rice to cool and soak up the sushi sauce, 30 mins is suggested, now we can start putting everything together.

Layer 1, egg shred, 2, cucumber, 3, carrot, 4 and 5, mushroom and lotus root.







Can sprinkle some white sesame, then pile on the seaweed!



If not salty enough, add some more sauce.


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