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Vegetarian Minced Shrimp with Lettuces


Wrapping cooked food in lettuce rarely appears in Asian cuisine, The first time I tasted this dish, I found the concept incredibly similar to the Korean dish where they wrapped food in lettuce. Stir fried veges wrapped in lettuce, may at first glance be clashing, but it amazingly achieves a perfect balance between the stronger flavoured cooked veges and the refreshing, crispy taste of lettuce, the combination lessens the greasiness of the cooked veges, and the veges make up for the blander taste of the lettuce.

Hands ON everyone!



Lettuce, washed and left to drain

100g Vegetarian Shrimp, diced

100g Vegetarian Lobster Ball, diced

75 g Yam, diced

75g Red Capsicum, diced

50g Mixed Veges (peas, corn and carrots)

Soya Sauce, 3 Tspns

Sesame oil, a little

White pepper, a little

Instant noodles, a small bowl


  1. Heat the oil, fry the diced shrimp and lobster until smell wafts out, then add the mixed veges.
  2. Then add in the red capsicum and yam. Adjust the flavour using soya sauce, vegetarian seasoning, white pepper and stir fry.
  3. Choose suitable sized lettuce pieces and put the cooked veges in.
  4. And a little suggestion from the chef: if you’re one that liked spicy foods, then spread a little bit of chilli sauce at the bottom of the lettuce piece, it will enhance the flavour greatly.
  5. Sprinkle the instant noodles on top, to create that crisp crisp crispy crunch!

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