Vegetarian Cuisine, Western Cuisine

Corn Soup

When you mention corn soup

I think rich creamy taste, and the sweet golden corn (*droool)

Tonight Vicki is going to share with us how we can, even at home, enjoy this soup that would otherwise only appear as entree in fancy restaurants!


1 can, crushed corn

1 can, corn kernel

30g butter

50g Vegetarian ham (can adjust to suit personal preferences)

Ground pepper

Puff Pastry, several pieces

100g button mushrooms, sliced


1. Melt the butter on low heat, and then fry the Vegetarian ham until golden.


2. Add in the button mushrooms, adjust the flavour by adding salt, Vegetarian Seasoning, and black pepper.

3. Pour in 1 litre of hot water, and wait for it to boil. when the water has started to boil, add in the canned crushed corn and corn kernels.

4 .Adjust the strength of that buttery taste by adding in butter pieces at this point. some people may find the taste of cream sauce a bit TOO much, a nice sustitute would be to use starch (dissolved in cold water before adding into the soup), to thicken the soup.

5. Then ground the black pepper on the soup. Now that the soup is prepared, the puff pastry comes next. 6. Cut the piece of puff pastry into desired size, and lay it on top of the soup bowl.


7. Then brush beaten egg yolk on the pastry, and sprinkle on black seasame.

8. Into the oven that was preheated at 200℃.

9. Heat at 230℃ for 8 mins, or until puff pastry “puffs” and turns golden.


We noticed that… our pastry did not puff as much as we expected it to, however we could distinctly see the different layers, it seems that depending on the different brands of puff pastry, the degree of “puff” you’ll get also varies. but, we still think we were successful (haha)
Next time we might try a different brand of pastry, and add in the photos here,
but of course it will be vegetarian puff pastry!

Below are some reasons (from previous experience) why the pastry may not puff into a nice bulge:
1. Soup was not hot enough.

2. Oven was insufficiently heated, has to be 200℃
3. The puff pastry has completely defrosted

4. Too thick of a layer of egg yolk was applied.
5. The pastry was not firmly stuck to the bowl.



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