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Peanut Tofu


So we’ve all heard of sweet tofu with peanuts on the side, but have you ever tried Peanut Tofu? Yes, a slight alteration in the order of wording can make all the difference!

We call it tofu (even though there is not a slight trace of tofu in this dish) because of its thick, smooth texture. And the extraordinary difference with this dish from ordinary tofu is that when we say peanut tofu, we literally mean its peanut flavoured.

Not only can the popular Hakka delicacy be served as a chilled dessert, but also suitable on the dinner table as a hot dish.

Today Matthew will introduce to us this delicious traditional recipe.


Body of the Tofu:

Peanut kernel, no skin, 300g

Corn starch, 5T

Rice flour, 5T

Salt, 1t

Sugar, 1t

Vegetable seasoning, a little.

Black pepper, a little.


Vegetarian ham, 20g, diced

Mixed veges, 60g

Corn starch, 2T

Salt, a little

Black pepper, a little

Warm water, 3C



Rinse the peanut kernels and soak in water overnight.

Separate the peanuts from the water, but keep the water, we need it.


Pour the peanuts and 900ml of water (that the peanuts were soaked in) into a blender, and blend until a very smooth paste forms. The less large particles, the better.

Now pour the peanut paste into a cotton muslin pouch. This is to strain the paste so that we’re only left with the crème da la crème peanut puree.

Strain the peanut puree into a separate bowl.


Now add the corn starch and rice flour to 200mls of water. And mix well.

Then add the salt, vegetarian seasoning, sugar, and black pepper.

Put the puree on low heat until it starts to boil, stirring frequently to prevent burning.

Give the settled corn starch and rice flour water a quick stir, and pour into the puree, consistently stirring to avoid settling.

When the puree has started to solidify into a thick paste form, turn heat off, and pour into a bowl and leave to set.

Today we are making the hot dish version of Peanut Tofu, so while we’re waiting for the tofu to set, we’ll get started on the sauce.


Fry the vegetarian ham until golden, add in the mixed veges until cooked.


Pour in the warm water, when starting to boil, pour in the corn starch water (corn starch + a little bit of cold water).

Stir until the liquid forms a slightly congealed state, then add in the seasonings.

Now the tofu should also be ready, use a spoon to test whether it is sufficiently solidified. Then flip it onto a plate.

Pour the sauce over the tofu.
IMG_8874 (600 x 900)


Who could have guessed that such a “traditional” dish could look so charmingly glamorous! With the vibrant colours of the mixed veges and the glittering tofu, it sure looks like a chest full of diamonds and rubies and jewels! Not only is this treasure chest pleasing to the eye, but also delightful on the tongue, and most importantly, it’s a simple dish to brighten up any dinner table, on any occasion!


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